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Heat Exchanger Products

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Custom Heat Exchanger Solutions
AC Fan Driven Heat Exchangers
DC Fan Driven Heat Exchangers
Hydraulic Fan Driven Heat Exchangers
Cooling Systems


HPA TK Series

Air Cooled – DC Motor
Fluid Reservoir
Suction Filter
Sealed DC Motors
Closed Loop Hydrostatic Cooling
Water Cooled Heat Exchangers


WB Series

Water Cooled – Bar & Plate
Heat Removals to 360 HP
Compact Water Saving Design
Stainless Steel Water/Oil Cooler
Oil Flows to 200 GMP


G Series

Water Cooled – Gasketed Plate & Frame
Heat Removals to 25 HP
Gearbox Cooling System
Recirculation Pump
Filter Included as Standard


MG Series

Water Cooled – Shell & Tube
Sea Water Duty
Corrosion Resistant Copper-Nickel Cooling Tubes & Bronze End Bonnets