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Mobile Oil Cooler Elements

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Mobile Oil Cooler Element Series

All models of the mobile oil cooler element series (E Series) from Emmegi Inc. feature rugged bar & plate construction. This design provides high performance cooling in a compact size. As with all heat exchanger models that include cooling elements, the 2000K & KBV Mobile Oil Cooler Element series includes low fouling, non-louvered air fins as a standard.

E Series Mobile Oil Cooler Information

Manufacture & Design

E series oil coolers are vacuum brazed to ensure contamination-free components, include internal turbulators to enhance heat transfer perofrmance, and are manufactured with aluminum Bar & Plate constrution to ensure lasting durability.


These air/oil coolers are designed to be mounted as close as possible to an engine radiator or other existing air flow equipment. Superior perforamnce and heat dissipation can be achieved by utilizing the lower oil connection as the oil inlet.


Oil Side Cleaning (internal): Clean with solution suitable for aluminum surfaces and flush with application fluid.
Air Side Cleaning (external): Use compressed air, water, or steam.

Mobile E Oil Cooler Models Overview

2000K E Series

Mounting Rails Provided for Installation
Heat Removals to 40 HP
Oil Flows to 125 GPM
Side Facing JIC External Oil Connections

2000KBV E Series

22 or 44 PSI Internal Bypass Valve Standard
Heat Removals to 40 HP
Oil Flows to 125 GPM
Side Facing JIC External Oil Connections
Technical Data

Integrated Bypass Valve

emmegi-heat-exchangers-bypass-valveNeed for external valves, related fittings, and hoses are eliminated with Emmegi’s fully integrated bypass check valve that protects against excessive back pressure during cold weather start up and intermittent flow surges.

Compatable Fluids

Mineral Oils: HL & HLP
Water-Oil Emulsion
Water – Glycol
Consult Factory for Other Fluids


Operating Pressure: 280 PSI
Test Pressure: 500 PSI
Max. Operating Temperature: 248°F