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Silent EVO2 Series

The Silent EVO 2 Series heat exchangers are designed to connect directly to the hydraulic rervoir. These offline air/oil coolers offer a reduced noise level while utilizing a screw pump system activated by an electric motor to automatically take the oil into circulation through the cooler and then return the oil back into the hydraulic circuit. This is a high efficiency heat exchanger cooling system.


NOTE: New catalogs and designs are currently under development for the Silent EVO 2 Series. Information shown in catalog may not reflect current oil cooler design and specifications. Please contact us for more information.

Silent EVO 2 Series Heat Exchangers – Information




Oil Side Cleaning (internal): Dismantle & flush with counter current perchloride. Finish with compressed air flush.
Air Side Cleaning (external): Disconnect motor; then use compressed air, water, or steam.
Silent EVO 2 Overview

Optional Metal Housing

The Silent EVO 2 series includes the option for an added metal housing that provides protection and noise damping.

The metal cover allows full access to components for these heat exchangers such as the motor and screw pump for servicing and parts exchange.

Components & Design

1. Cooler Element
2. Structure
3. Motor Support Plate
4. Fan Grate
Technical Data

Compatable Fluids

Mineral Oils: HL & HLP
Water-Oil Emulsion
Water – Glycol
Consult Factory for Other Fluids


Hydraulic Installations
Elevators / Lifts
Machine Tools
Industrial Machinery & More


Operating Pressure: 280 PSI
Test Pressure: 500 PSI
Max. Operating Temperature: 248°F