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WB Series Brazed Plate Oil Coolers

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WB Series

Stainless steel brazed plate construction is one of the most advanced fluid cooling technologies available. This design has several significant features including copper brazed stainless steel plates, internal NPT water connections, SAE o-ring oil connections, and multiple mounting options for ease of installation in a variety of application settings.

Additional WB Series Oil Cooler Features

Flow Directions


wb-series-cutaway-emmegiCutaway shows high density, compact brazed plate construction.

Compact Performance:

The manufacture & design of these WB Series oil coolers utilizes up to 50% smaller cooler size than traditional shell in tube construction. This allows for use in constricted environments in a variety of applications.

wb-series-copper-brazed-steel-plates-emmegiCopper Brazed Stainless Steel Plates

Corrosion Resistant:

The stainless steel plates and fittings integrated into the WB Series Oil Coolers stand up to harsh conditions across a wide range of settings and provide long service in the field.

WB Series Brazed Plate Oil Coolers – Model Selections

39 WB Series Oil Coolers


125 WB Series Oil Coolers


205 WB Series Oil Coolers


258 WB Series Oil Coolers


2010 WB Series Oil Coolers

Heat rejection at 50°F ETD for the WB Series oil coolers starts at 5°F and goes all the way up to 400°F depending on model, size, GPM, and applicaion requirements. Contact us for more information or help in deciding which oil cooler is best for your application requirements.

Technical Data


Plates & Connections: AISI 316L Stainless Steel
Brazing Sheets: Copper
Mounting Brackets: Powder Painted Steel

Compatable Fluids

Mineral Oils: HL & HLP
Water-Oil Emulsion
Water – Glycol
Consult Factory for Other Fluids


Operating Pressure: 435 PSI
Max. Operating Temperature: 435°F